poliquin education strong active drive, world leaders in strength and health education

Poliquin Group’s emphasis is providing quality education and giving you the tools you need to begin helping your clients right away. Poliquin Group™ Education offers courses that will make you a better trainer and strength coach. 

Poliquin Group™ is the exclusive provider of our flagship certifications, PICP (Poliquin® International Certification Program), our strength training certification based on the concept of Structural Balance and Poliquin® BioSignature Modulation, our 12-site Body Fat Assessment correlating hormonal imbalances and fat storage.

If you can’t join us for one of our lives courses, we bring a variety of courses to you.  The Poliquin Group™ Online Education platform gives you the freedom to take courses at your own convenience and around your schedule.  We offer a variety of beginner courses such as Poliquin® Personal Training Certification and Program Design, or more advanced continuing education courses such as Performance & Recovery and Gut Health.

Poliquin Group™ offers a complete, one-stop shop approach, providing education, products and software that work together to take away the guess work and put the focus back on getting the best results for your client.